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  • Hand Pallet Truck SYBC



Model: SYBC


• The most popular model used throughout the warehouses, shops, factories, loading docks.

• The oil pump body is made by assembling the separated prefabricated parts using threaded connection.

• All of the joints are fitted with seals to ensure sealing and keep the body from oil leaking.

• Heavy gauge steel construction, drop forged lift link arms provide available strength and durability.

• Foot and hand controls operate the lowering function ensuring easy operation.

• Lowering speed valve can adjust the descent speed.

• 200 degrees of steering area add to maneuverabillity.

• 12 pump strokes. Lift height per stroke is 9.5 mm.

• Option: nylon wheel, polyurethane wheel, rubber wheel, single or tandem fork roller.



Capacity 2500 kg 2500 kg
Lowered Fork Height (H1) 85 mm 75 mm
Total Lift Height (H2) 193 mm 183 mm
Height of Handleless (H3) 518 mm 508 mm
Fork Length (L) 1100/1150 mm 1220 mm
Width Over The Forks (w) 550 mm 685 mm
Fork Wheel ∅ 80 mm ∅ 74 mm
Truck Weight 70-80 kg 70-80 kg



Hand Pallet Truck SYBC- Skema

PT. RODA HAMMERINDO JAYA, importir dan supplier:
roda kaster/roda kastor
roda trolley/roda trolly/roda troli
roda pu/roda polyurethane
roda nylon
roda besi
roda phenolic
pallet mesh/keranjang besi/nicktainer
material handling (pallet truck/hand pallet/drum loader/drum stacker/lift table, dll)
trolley bandara

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